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Charity and Development Appeal

Make your CDA gift count - TWICE!

$100 = $200
$250 = $500
$500 = $1,000
Every gift is matched up to $400,000!

All gifts to the CDA help Catholic-affiliated agencies continue their vital missions here in the Diocese of Phoenix.

  • Helping veterans getting back on their feet
  • Promoting vocations to priestly and religious life
  • Forming our seminarians
  • Staffing pregnancy crisis centers
  • Making Catholic education affordable to our families
  • Providing faith formation for youth and adults

Every gift to the Charity and Development Appeal received between March 15 - April 30, 2024 will be matched – dollar for dollar – up to $400,000! Your gift will provide direct support to more than 70 Catholic ministries and agencies in our Diocese. Thank you!

Email or call our 
Donor Services team at 602-354-2235

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